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The Order of the Amaranth

Order of the Amaranth
The Order of the Amaranth is a social, fraternal, and charitable organization whose membership is open to both men and women with a Masonic affiliation. The teachings of our ritual impart lessons for daily living, character building, morality, and ethics. Membership in the Order of the Amaranth is a privilege; it provides opportunity not only for service but also for self-improvement and brings a gift of a special fraternal friendship among its members. The welfare and support of our members is of vital concern to their fellow members and it is deemed a privilege to assist another member in need. Although belief in the existence of a Supreme Being is requisite for membership, the Organization is not a religious organization and many faiths are represented among our membership.

The principal objects for which the organization is formed are fraternal, social and charitable. Fraternally, the Order endeavors to develop the moral character of its members through a belief in a Supreme Being and the teachings of the lessons of Truth, Faith, Wisdom and Charity. Each member is taught to care for the welfare of her and his fellow members. The Organization affords its members a social outlet. Provides an opportunity to meet together with people with similar interests and fulfill the basic human need for social companionship. Members enjoy planned social events with other members and their guests. For all courts and their members, civic and charitable projects are a main stay of each year’s activities.

      Charity is a guiding principal of the Order.


      The Order’s main charity is the Amaranth Diabetes Foundation.


      Grand Courts and local courts support many other charities.


      Scholarship Funds.


      Nurses’ Training.


      Care for the Elderly


      Soup Kitchens


      Ronald McDonald’s House


      Visiting Nurses, and Many other local community charities.



Supreme Council Order of the Amaranth